Grandpa at the top of the bill for his action with young people and his book “Made in Trappes”

Alain Degois is the first trainer who learned me the improvisation when I was 17 when this discipline just born in france during that period, introduced by Leduc and Gravel, Canadians comedians.

Grandpa developed a project for the city of Trappes dedicated to the youth of the districts: learn to improvise in an improv match, a game with strict rules. He trained and revealed a certain Jamel Debbouze… Grandpa is a man who made a mark in my life, a booster, a friend and somehow, my family, the one who welcomed me at an important moment. I was also his coach when he wanted to go on stage and improvise in his own turn, he was later coach and godfather of the “Ligue d’impro” that I created in 1997 and I promoted his shows in Paris.

Grandpa applies improvisation as a social lever and does it with a lot of heart. His approach allows him to work on suburban problems by teaching improv…

Our fields of experimentation thanks to the “improvisation” or applied improvisation tool are parallel and sometimes meet, the social for him and organizations for me. We set up projects together around the integration in the company…

We share a common humanist vision and the love of developing the human, thanks in particular to the adaptation we have made of the powerful tool that is improvisation. We still work together today on themes like disability and diversity, always treated with humor of course!

He has just written an autobiographical book “Made in Trappes”, “Why do only suburban children have to justify having talent?”