Indian summer, 2015, AIN in Montreal Canada

Like everytime and more than possible, I join my people for a conference week : The Applied improv network conference. I discover AIN, this movement in movement 6 years ago and 7 years after to start applying improv to leadership and training. Each time is a great time of connection, playing and research. Some of expert applying improv to leadership, some other help diseases, some other to social cause, and everyone have the same behaviour, open mind, listenng, playing ! The community works in co-building for certification and spread the power of improvisation apply to change in a better life.

Sylvaine Messica is the first french facilitator, engaged and certified practionner in Applied improv,  powerful, playful and alive changement net work ! It’s great to find a community like you wich share yours values and creativity ! This year, Sylvaine had done is keynote in a workshop form : “The charisma of spontaneity” with a new experience of apply improv. This is the testimonial of Arthur Kruisman from Netherlands  “I had the privilege to attend a workshop from Sylvaine during the 2015 AIN conference in Canada. The passion and drive of Sylvaine is really a pleasure to see. Her theoretical and practical knowledge is superb and her ability to connect with people is marvelous. She is not afraid, she doesn’t hold back. Loved to be in her workshop and experienced a deep connection with my essence. Thanks a lot Sylvaine”

Sylvaine met a very good friend, Julie Ostrow, from USA, who talks in this tv show of applying improv to resolve conflicts…