Be authentic in your sale as in your life

Etre authentique dans sa vente comme dans sa vie

On the occasion of the release, magazine Management October 2016, in which I was interviewed on selling when you are an entrepreneur… I will continue my remarksur authenticity in sales and necessarily in life!

In my life spent in the field of sales, I was the salesperson and also the designer of the object that was going to be produced in series, I never asked myself the question of sale. I just wanted to be in the magic of the moment, of co-construction, so I used my intuition and my authenticity a lot!

I always wanted there to be more authenticity in relationships, teams, business, sales ... Well, I know that has not yet won, and I have confidence in the new generation because there are leaders who stand out from the crowd ...

The authentic sale?

Naturally with intuition, it is emotional intelligence that sublimates the sale, as well as the sincere desire to convince and to be true!

In the past I had to learn to deal with objections and manage difficult negotiations, to listen and not to be too carried away by my passion… Although I like this idea! A passion is not reasonable even if the customers are, this passion will also convince them ... This is where the balance between “listening and passion” is played out.

Later, I gave courses in sales, persuasion and negotiation in business schools and trained salespeople, managers and leaders… Everyone wants the magic recipe, the relentless tool ! "Sales techniques that really sell" ... Sorry for my frankness, selling is not learned in a book or it is not an option for some business school students who opt for "marketing »And passes the sale again as a compulsory springboard, which proves to be the base when it comes to entrepreneurship. Selling is much more noble than that, and marketing comes from there!

Selling is about authenticity in a service relationship!

It's this job that made me come true, so I was only a high school student and I had to manage, so… I sold shoes, in Trappes (imagine…), on Saturdays and Sundays… J discovered much more than selling! We had to break the gloom and create value, not just market! That is all the difference. It then became my job as a salesperson and manager, then my vocation to train salespeople ... Selling gave me confidence and taught me that anything is possible.

When I train salespeople, salespeople and engineers in sales and negotiation techniques: these are the fundamentals and still too many salespeople think they “know” them, yet it's not “knowing”: it's about know-how and know-how to learn and to return to training, as in high performance sport!

"If you want victory, think about going to training!" "

The real performance starts after the technical fundamentals, when it comes to the point of authenticity, behavior, emotional intelligence and mentality !

My favorite “coach-reveal” role actually begins when you get out of your comfort zone, this is the most difficult and delicate educational part ! Training a person or a group requires a mind of steel and an authenticity, a confidence and a passion for absolute transmission!

Why is it so difficult to say that you have learned, thanks to your coach?

In sport, it's obvious! Learning in one's own profession also goes through the phase of gratitude, the recognition of its inspirers and trainers, this recognition frees progression and authenticity. Selling is generating margin and sustaining a business, the result is not to be confused with the necessary step back (er… humility): learning is healthy and “not learning” endangers the salesperson!

For those who “sell themselves”, sell to people who recognize you and who see your strengths not just your progress points! Yes, emotional intelligence and authenticity can “shake up” those who don't accept it and actually want marketing-oriented authenticity!

It is authenticity that does the marketing and not the other way around!

Being authentic has really helped me in life, to create, to achieve myself while achieving others, my interns, coaches and my conference audiences. When we are in the authenticity, the emotion is at its highest level, the sensitivity is the strength, on the other hand we detect toxic people by intuition much more quickly. For a long time it worked on me because I like to please, but finally and if that was the strength of authenticity ? The luxury of being able to sell or have relationships with authenticity!

The basis of a great relationship is sincerity, so why not in sales and in your daily life!

Of course, to develop this posture, you will learn to let go, to reveal your emotions, to be ethical, to develop your leadership and of course to assert yourself calmly in difficult situations! I would talk about it in another article, because obviously there is no authenticity without assertiveness, another exciting workout theme!

To go further and above all higher: the tailor-made EN TOP OF THE POSTER training courses, and my conferences, including the very last "Authentic sale". Your questions are welcome.

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