Managers ménagez-vous ! Attention burn-out, article et coaching de Sylvaine Messica, illustration de PEK (crédit)
Managers, take care to get out of the crisis!
What to remember from this period when you are a manager or an employee? Many companies are in the red of business, having had to close their structures, their stores, stop their development and team support project. From uncertainty to overwork, ...
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Savoir dire non
The 7 rules to finally say NO! Article by Sylvaine Messica (written for Psychologies)
Some of you have attended my seminars on assertiveness, negotiation and conflict management, so this will remind you of the right principles, and if you have not yet practiced any of these topics, it will help you. in...
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égalité, femme , simone veil
Women, gender equality, Simone Veil ...
When I was a sales manager, I experienced sexism quite violently. I was commercial director and my CEO fired me because I was pregnant, it was in 2000, "but that was before"! I dare say today "thanks" to this dismissal, I have resumed ...
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