Managers, take care to get out of the crisis!

Managers ménagez-vous ! Attention burn-out, article et coaching de Sylvaine Messica, illustration de PEK (crédit)

What to remember from this period when you are a manager or an employee?

Many companies are in the red of business, having had to close their structures, their stores, stop their development and team support project.

From uncertainty to overwork, watch out for the domino effect!

We are interdependent dominoes!

This difficult and educational period teaches us how interdependent we are.

The domino effect is simple: “non-priority” businesses are closing, bringing with them a wave of domino effect on employees, service providers, suppliers, leas banks, the state which is supposed to help. One thing is certain: we all need each other!


So beware of the same domino effect on the minds of managers and teams! 

Managers are overloaded with remote meetings, the slogan "organize uncertainty", we do not know what is happening but we must avoid it at all costs and safeguard the business.

How to get out of the crisis without going crazy?

The underlying subject of this agenda overbooking: getting out of the crisis and getting back to normal!

For example, one of my client is linked to non-food retail, affected by the crisis, its manufacturing in China is blocked, its employees around the world, confined, on short-time work for France, borders closed, that's as if we were building a large dam to stop the force of the water, for a moment all this inertia of the force will overflow!

While in lockdown, I hosted “Leadership in Crisis” webinars, which becomes a new conference, coaching, and distance learning. By exchanging with managers and leaders, I realized the extent of the unspoken nature of this "roadblock", managers and employees need to free themselves from this psychological constraint and the messages are as much official as they are unofficial. .

So be careful not to dump our stress on the other who is himself blocked by the situation and also uncertain! 

Let us not forget what we want deep down: well-being, change, improvement, cohesion, performance, adhesion ...

Let's free our brain from the overload of “getting out of the crisis”, this is done very well with oxygen bubbles as I always say to my coachees. 

To avoid overwork after confinement and burn-out

  • Be in a pleasant working environment
  • Program oxygen bubbles to recharge your batteries: meditation, music, walking, etc ...
  • Set motivating and achievable goals (Summit and Olam model in The Power of Spontaneity)
  • Preserving the work / personal life balance
  • Allow employees the same thing: bubbles, objectives, preservation ...
  • Schedule training
  • Do not rush: Slow management to stay the course and calm
  • Listen to the teams, listen to each other!
  • To avoid overflowing, empty regularly: express your emotions!

Empty negative emotions, but not just any old way ...

This video is part of a series "The moment of spontaneity, on the expression of anger: train yourself for assertiveness !

To remember…

Clearly, do not remove the dam with a single gesture! Take it step by step, keeping in mind what has been beneficial for you in this period and organizing your plans, in a quiet and unhurried manner.

En Haut de l'Affiche has launched a training program "Leaders, get out of the crisis", a 12-hour distance training which allows you to assert your posture as a leader and to manage the situation more calmly and efficiently. on demand for teams and their managers.

The elephant travels great distances with quiet strength!