How to turn your sales people into sales performers?

Comment transformer vos commerciaux en performeurs de la vente ?

Digital transformation requires commercial excellence

In a purchasing decision, what makes the difference, at equivalent quality between two competing brands, is always the seller. This adage is even more true in times of crisis or transformation, when the commercial relationship is even more important than the price.

The salesman, the performer's return

The successful salesperson today is more an intuitive sales sportsman than a technician. He must act in the moment in front of the unexpected of the client who traps or who doubts. The permanent structural changes he manages with his clients require him to be more adaptable. He becomes aware of his need to train more intensely his interpersonal skills.

Improvisation, team sport communication

The performance of theatrical improvisation requires: Co-construct, find solutions and create together a common, unique, coherent and innovative story. The metaphor is powerful with the company which by transposition becomes a productive team which creates a project by developing the added value of each one.

The technique of improvisation develops behavioral skills. Used alone, it is insufficient. Included in a training, it becomes "Applied Improvisation", training approach through the experience of improvisation. In 2001, I wrote a thesis on the application of improvisation to sales and management. One year later, I started in sales and management training with my approach!

What does improvisation in sales and negotiation develop?

In sales and trading, we can create a common history with a customer. Applied improvisation develops agility, mind, cooperation, listening and action in resonance with the client, observation, repartee, stress management, emotions, time, conclusion, the ability to innovate in a difficult situation and of course the strength of conviction. When we have learned to be serene in the face of the unexpected, it greatly reassures the client who feels it.

The Negotiation Match®

I created an educational game, the negotiation match® (filed in 2008), combining training, improv experience applied to negotiation and team cohesion. It is a healthy, motivating and caring competition that leads players to use their intuition and creativity to find solutions in the moment. After such an experience, the difficulties on the ground are de-dramatized. The company lived a strong and formative experience, going out of the usual comfort zone and making the teams progress in an original way.


  • The negotiation match® enabled us to achieve + 23% turnover after the training! “An unforgettable experience that restores cohesion and breaks down barriers.
  • Customers applying improvisation applied to the sale and management of Top of the bill

1000 sales managers trained in sales management. »I am impressed by the efficiency and accessibility of improvisational theater, which applies particularly to our problems. I can better visualize the solutions to bring to my management on a daily basis because I practice them directly, the expertise of En Haut e l'Affiche is global and makes progress »» We readjust our behaviors immediately. The acquisition is fast and we live strong moments ”. A famous sports brand: “Our business executives must retain their critical thinking and creativity to move the business forward, this approach is concrete, effective and builds cohesion. This playful and pragmatic approach shapes and motivates sales people in a sustainable way.

This methodology develops confidence, performance and motivation. All sales force and management issues can be dealt with globally. The real advantage is the gain of time and efficiency, it is an intensive training that produces long-lasting results and overcomes mutual misunderstandings.

The formula that appeals to business conventions: the conference on agile and creative negotiation followed by the Match de Négociation®, train your performers!

My story, my passions… Sales, management, improv and pedagogy!

Since 1986, I have been a passionate and improvising saleswoman, in parallel. Self-taught, at 19, I started my commercial career in the luxury industry, then in communication and training. I became a sales manager at the age of 25. I resumed my studies at 33 and obtained a Master in Marketing and Sales… After a research thesis on what she called “improvisation applied to sales and management”. I am a sales performer who loves people, results and spontaneity! I created my consulting and training activity in 2002 then, created En Haut de l'Affiche®, recognized for its commercial and managerial expertise with an innovative pedagogy that applies improvisation to the operational objectives of the company.

I coach and accompany managers in transformation, from teams to negotiation and sales. I like change issues and agility. I am quite proud to be the first French practitioner certified worldwide in Applied Improvisation. En Haut de l'Affiche has been carrying out large-scale team building operations and event communication interventions applying improvisation for several years. The versatility of my skills helps my clients in the project stages. I create the group Applied Improvisation France or Applied Improvisation France (AIN), composed of a strong team of cooperation values.

In 2008, I created a game-event to develop performance in negotiation: The negotiation match®, this game is developed by EN HAUT DE L'AFFICHE® on a sporting challenge principle. Since 2011, I have been a professional speaker on topics such as negotiation, leadership, motivation and spontaneity.

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