Hypersensible pendant la crise article de Sylvaine Messica et illustration de Philippe-Elie Kassabi

Hypersensitive in this period?

For all those who are concerned, it's simple, you are more responsive than average and that is a great quality.

The hypersensitive perceive micro signals, I can admit it to you, I am constituted like that… It is not simple but it is possible to accept and to make a force of it.

I speak in "the power of spontaneity" of the strength of the clown, which should not be confused with the caricature of the circus clown. The clown is just the purest being in the world, an authentic expressive without taboos, which allows the less expressive to jubilantly release what they contain as repressed emotions.

The clown is the most living being hiding deep inside us, we can free him.

So in a period of confinement? And afterwards, with the distancing? Well a touching video with beautiful souls that would have moved me naturally and there is the fountain. Then, outside, the eyes are more focused, deeper ... More felt.

A political lie (pleonasm) makes me even more angry.

Fear is very useful ... See the video

Solidarity is even more touching.

The caregivers I will send them love stunts.

The frustration of a hypersensitive is not to feel listened to versus rational listening, without emotion.

Feel. Let's create a more human world!