Music as a unique team experience!

Séminaire musique En Haut de l'Affiche

TOP OF THE POSTER seminars are unique, team building, experiential, educational and operational events!

Since 2002, as a multidisciplinary and hybrid coach and speaker, I lead seminars with my team by applying the performing and visual arts to leadership!

Our mission is to provide an intense and tailor-made artistic experience to achieve educational objectives! Philippe-Elie Kassabi accompanies the groups on drawing and painting, by making them realize gigantic frescoes ...

I know management as well as theatrical improvisation, sales as well as music, I am a singer-songwriter, pop and jazz singer, guitarist… I create the tailor-made seminar with the client, whether it is management (CODIR or COMEX) or a commercial convention and then I perceive the artistic experience that suits best. I lead groups of 20 to 500 people.

I remember this 4-day seminar for 80 people in which I created a crazy artistic journey because I had a client as passionate as me, who had given me carte blanche with confidence, and after this journey of integration, its business unit became the first in France until it was appointed in another region. This seminar, he always remembers, with the EN HAUT DE L'AFFICHE team, we allowed the co-creation of values, vision, development of leadership and communication, while bringing them to life. experiences of musicians, improvisers, painters, designers, singers… This year, I created a seminar “The power of spontaneity” for his new team!

So after setting up several orchestras, and making its participants sing, it now offers music seminars to develop listening, co-construction, cooperation, intercultural, management and leadership ... international teams. Video extract "The Power of spontaneity".

Today, I suggest you make music and sing while creating a real sustainable project for your team and your company!

With the "The power of spontaneity" seminar, what if you had a jazz (wo) man experience with your team? or a stage experience?

We can make you live a gospel choir, a jazz band, batucada, an improvised singing experience (circle song) ...

Your actors will be charismatic, agile, spontaneous, together, performers, passionate, happy!