Collective spontaneity: the hope and unity of the people!

Solidarité avec les soignants Coronavirus covid19

The Coronavirus crisis has caused either selfishness, either unity !

I would like highlight positive spontaneous approaches group a few here:

Look like people are spontaneous and positive when they are forced to be confined, as in Italy, where unfortunately, what is happening is very painful, behind this terrible situation, there is joy, hope, collective, mutual aid, music and voices that unite!

We are not consumer animals, we are living beings, it is our reason for being, when we lose it, we lose ourselves!

Solidarité Covid-19 Italie                                                 

In France, we applaud at 8 p.m. every evening, on the balcony, the nursing staff of hospitals, but to do more, let's stay at home and together build a new world, more HUMAN !

Some solidarity projects for caregivers:

  • The one launched by Anne Roumanoff
  • That of PSG supporters who deliver meals to caregivers  #Co_Ultras_Paris (Twitter)
  • LVMH and Occitane and Yves Rocher made hydroalcoholic gel, hand creams and masks for LVMH
  • Petit Bateau and Le Slip français have launched their production of masks ...
  • There are many local initiatives that I cannot name here ...
  • A little word of support to all the teams on the front lines to deliver the food to us or those who clean up the city ...

Our national JJ Goldman has updated his song to make it an anthem for “Life Saving” Caregivers!

Agir contre le coronavirus Solidarité Europe


What is most beautiful is hope and collective spontaneity, people unite to sing in all countries, to sing together or dance together and be united in this situation which demands of us. UNITE !

Some irresistible projects in times of confinement!

Music, always and again, I who am a musician, these projects touch me enormously. Watch what the music students of Berklee College of Music have been doing! So touching and moving….

Confined lovers: Jeremy Cohen is a New York photographer who spotted his neighbor dancing on a roof… He decides to seduce her with a lot of creativity and spontaneity


Great artists offer their stage performance Streaming from their homes! Coldplay, John Legend…. and Idan Raichel who did a live facebook! Artists have also created songs for the benefit of solidarity to fight the Coronavirus, see below Calogero….

The illustrations are by Philippe-Elie Kassabi who is currently participating in a voluntary collective "AGIR ENSEMBLE" #SolidarityCovid19

a solidarity group to fight against Covid-19 and help caregivers. TOP OF THE POSTER is engaged, I write every day, I post videos, I stay active and if the doctors need a coach, I answer YES.