How ready-to-think has become the consumer standard on the internet!

Prêt-à-penser illustration PEK article Sylvaine Messica

My vision claiming authenticity and spontaneity, therefore full creativity goes against the FORMATTING which represents a confinement of thought!

But humans obviously love formatting because the consumer society has accustomed them to it: physical and spiritual codes, "the clothes we wear are a reflection of your caste" and everything can pass like religion or secularism, l education, the arts, the sciences, and of course schools of thought!

What if we consume the news like sushi?

Japanese dishes have been brought to the level of pizza notoriety by the Chinese! Twenty years ago, after the expansion of American fast food, then Chinese restaurateurs popularized the Japanese restaurant by creating standardized trays, with numbers, always made in the same way: formatted ! The result: the consumer will find the same products everywhere and stay in his comfort zone, he once liked, he gets used to and recommends the same!

Our entire consumer society is made like this, hence the lack of originality and even a lack of creativity to be deplored. Even collective intelligence, which is nevertheless the activation of a group's creativity, is formatted by firms that want to industrialize their model and sell more!


Formatting is therefore a way of generating an addiction to sell more and at the same time removing all critical and creative thinking! 

If I push my reflection further, we are close to 1984, to big brother and to a dictatorship of thought! 

The creative genius is driven by communication lobbies, it is rare that pure creation is combined with buzz!

On my posts, articles, books, songs, I attach myself to this freedom of thought even if we are influenced by the world in which we live and the thought family to which we belong.

The post “post-modernism” is “communitarianism” but do not see it as a religious or polemical term, if politics is so fragile now, it is because we are living a very strong identity crisis as I explain in “ The power of spontaneity ”. Everything is done, without thinking of some shenanigans or conspiracies, so that the thought is chewed and there are several explanations for this:

  • The loss of reference points
  • Lack of culture
  • Lack of habit of stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Lack of critical thinking

In short, the consequences are serious because they lead to consumable mediocrity on social networks!

I did several tests in this direction: posting creations as I do in 99% of my posts, the success is moderate and enthusiastic, and posting a well-created reflection, from a "controversial" or "touching image », The success is dazzling but free, without pure innovation and without risk. Could this be the recipe for the buzz of social networks, same grub as reality TV and other buzz mass marketing! Do we take people for idiots?

I remember this huge buzz with over 100,000 views, which I made on linkedin and which I myself stopped and deleted. I wanted to ask men about equality following numerous papers which describe the man of today as “in suffering or in loss of identity” because of feminism! I wanted to check and I looked for an illustration of my point, I came across a photo of a fashion show, with a man in a skirt, who seemed to be “shouting”. The buzz started very strong because of the controversial photo, not for my question… Until a person commented on the fact that the logo of a Portuguese nationalist party was inscribed on the bag of the man in the photo . The information was hard to verify and for a moment, I ran into this man in the parade who had become visibly political! My values were clashed and I had 2 possible choices:

The buzz or the values?

I chose the second solution: my values, and therefore freedom!

Sometimes the buzz is synonymous with values just like this video of a philosopher and spontaneous little girl that I shared with heart and pleasure. 

So in summary, you have 2 possibilities: to consume pre-chewed to think or creativity!

I prefer creativity and freedom to junk notoriety! Long live the power of spontaneity!