Sylvaine Messica's interview, the power of spontaneity, live from Sud Radio's morning show

La puissance de la spontanéité et son auteure Sylvaine Messica à la radio !

I had the good surprise to see my book selected by the editorial staff of Sud Radio, and so I was invited this morning to talk about it, in all spontaneity, with two journalists, Billie and Philippe David, very friendly and spontaneous! It happened very quickly and I then spoke with Billie, the journalist who interviewed me and who confided to me "Your book touched me a lot, boosted me and made new solutions emerge, it's nice to see this topic of spontaneity tackled, because we need it a lot, even when we are communication professionals! ".



So, with directness and spontaneity, the question always arises of “I should have said that…”, in fact, if you accept the moment, it always happens as it should be at that moment. My years of improvisation theater taught me this and I teach it to my coachees, learners and students: accepting imperfections is to be free and authentic!

See you soon for new spontaneous adventures!

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