Time stands still, let's fight together against the Coronavirus

1. The shock!

There were the beginnings, the atmosphere that changed, the rules of distances, then the formalization, the announcement of confinement!

At the time when I am writing to you, I am like you, confined, at home! My children no longer have high school, my big one no longer has a job, just like my husband and I! But there is more important: LIFE !

I oscillate between rebellion and optimism, I won't hide my emotions from you, you know my spontaneity! I would not hide my fear from you, even if it does not avoid danger according to this famous phrase, if it exists to protect us, then let us use it and let's stay with us! 

Here I give my perspective as an expert free from all political power and focused on the new world, one that acts quickly and together, and not only for business, also for the planet and its inhabitants!

How did we get there?

Could we have done better? Surely yes! Why have you observed China as a totalitarian regime during the crisis? Our President could have started building hospitals all over France and recruiting staff. Strategy is the art of knowing how to reverse if necessary! We are talking about a new world and yet we still elect small bureaucratic leaders, the words of visionaries can be read in books….

As for the idiots who continued to kiss each other as a sign of challenge or those who regrouped during the first rays of sunshine! Can we give them a “Live my life” as a nurse or emergency doctor so that they understand?

Rather than the CONS, I propose the CO to be together and CO-BUILD, COOPERATE, se TO COORDINATE, be a COLLECTIVE who can change and positively impact the world against this Covid-19 !

Here is the video that I shot before the speech of the President of the Republic, that I could comment after ...

So the government was focused on the elections, which is why Agnès Buzyn, then in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis supposedly resolved, left to replace a candidate in the midst of a crisis of adultery spread in the press ... All this shows that President and Presidents all over the world are concerned about elections and growth, so when there is a crisis, and as they are formatted "rational pragmatic, I say it in my book" The power of spontaneity »(Eyrolles), a leader is an exceptional being able to change quickly based on an agility of change and  The 7 intelligences of the leader

Your action is positive compared to that of the United States and the United Kingdom. Your speech was, Mr. President Macron, devoid of emotional intelligence and authenticity, so uncomfortable were you with the announcement of confinement, which should not be named with the ambivalence of the message of appeal to French ballot boxes!

I'm not talking politics here, I'm just talking about strategy and communication, agile intelligence ! Yes, there is something to be angry about because despite your efforts, you can do better to protect the population, which some still believe is in denial (last video)! What if Europe was the space of collective intelligence and solidarity?

In passing, here are some communication tips if you need to talk to your teams about the crisis, and even to your children!