Social networks: the new packs! [WPPV-TOTAL-VIEWS]

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Man, finally human, is a being of a pack, like the wolf. Relationship, emotions, interactions, conflicts are our social modes and although we are in the individualistic era, of personal branding, this human always seems to need his pack. The Covid has weakened physical packs, events, gatherings, parties, places of culture, parties, worship, sports halls, training room ...

 The pack is separated and each muzzled wolf wears a mask! The wolf is in search of his new pack until he howls under the moon with his face or voice uncovered.

Social networks, knowing that some go there to have fun, learn, sell, promote, network, learn and others to be famous! And in the pack, there are those who want to be head of the clan, those who follow and the independents who understand exactly who they are dealing with and who want to remain free to go from one pack to another to howl freely. ! During the confinement, I discovered another pack, I made 2000 recordings there: Smule, an application and an incredible network for singers, there I do not meet wolves but a few roosters and nightingales! If you like to sing, come and share, you find me there at @eniavlys like Sylvaine upside down!

The human being is a relational being who seeks his family, his community and in this pack, there are the dominant ones, those who want to lead the pack. Some have this natural power, the leadership, others try to make it with followers, fictitious proof of leadership but real proof of a virtual presence! Of course, it's a new way of selling by creating data, data: customers, that's why we are inundated with automated advertising when we are the target!

Sure LinkedIn, even if influencers evolve, the content remains of quality with some mass market strategies, phishing posts and are far from just wanting to share with you, but you know how to recognize them! The wolves of Linkedin at the beginning, they were the experts, now it's also the automatons, powerful automation processes to generate likes and views, to go up in the algorithm, the god of social networks !

But LinkedIn must be careful not to put forward hollow gurus who seek views, because its added value is in the quality, its differentiation could be oriented towards the originality of the posts and the creation, I want to believe in it to avoid the overloading watered down “à la Facebook” with likes controlled by a robot!

I discovered Club House that everyone is talking about right now, the wolves who are there and who watch over the territory: the followers ! You have to have an iPhone and be invited to access it ... As a spontaneous speaker, I love the model which is only vocal: a stage, an audience, a relevant question, moderators, speakers and spontaneity, finally, yes!

As in any pack, there are great discoveries, great people that I have met, new languages that I have heard, even in French, generations Y and Z are at home with an assumed Frenglish!

Intergenerational finally meets with some language differences. Moreover, one of my sons is influencing Tik-Tok with 100,000 subscribers but I have a formal ban on going there, it is the network of cubs who do not want wolves!

Yesterday, I even spoke on CNN, the room, with American speakers firmly anchored in their model: Network + Success + Result + Profitability, I just invented the 4 R ! What amused me was to see if I could assure in front of 1000 people in English on a purely American subject, the Headlines, their news… They asked me questions on the Sarkozy affair which struck their model this week! The experience was “Amazing” and benevolent, that's what I like about our American friends, they give luck!

I discover unknown "lecturers", but the word creates, "I say that I am, therefore I am!" "

Jamel Debbouze and some actors and artists erupted there! Leaders, gurus, false humble, very benevolent and very talented people, this network is a real court and even sometimes a barnyard that I nicknamed "Club Goose", Goose in English is a goose, and yesterday, I wanted to go up to the "stage", the stage and one of the speakers said "we are already 4, the others ask us questions" but, if I go up, I may have an interesting expertise and if the moderator makes me go up it is that I can speak, it is a bit the limit of the model. It is quite possible to decide to have only one speaker speak, but in this case, we do not bring anyone up! I discovered Hosts who have a lot of values and now I focus on them because they are true leaders, worthy to lead the pack !

Club GOOSE par PEK Club House

Sometimes the rooms look like a farmyard

But the number of followers does not indicate any real leadership influencing him. A true leader can perfectly live in the shadow of all social networks and advance his projects without this tool! 

Some speak and listen to themselves speak, three hours to say nothing on a system based on the moment, exit the fine speakers! Others offer real programs, others have fun and share, others make it a business but the behavior of some is very interesting, take the place and scream the loudest to be the leader of the pack, yes everything is based on the voice, and listening, an opportunity because I have always developed it, as a storyteller, speaker, actress and singer! But despite all the experience, on a new network, the whole territory is new, and again, you have to prove yourself.

So when I find out, I make mistakes like the others, wanting to speak in a room, ultimately not interesting where we don't know you, or falling into a room where you feel that the one who animates does not want you to speak because- that you potentially “shade” him.

In short, wolves, cubs, foxes, geese, roosters and chickens mark their territories either for the wrong reasons: to take power by the number of followers, or out of pure generosity, learn to recognize them that says a lot about self-centeredness. Of our society ! I prefer to have less and to make my voice heard with reliable and partner wolves, to learn and discover quality speakers and a relevant theme! But it is still far from competing with radio which is run by great professionals whose talent I salute because I have always been passionate about radio. Besides, on this subject, I am invited Sunday March 8, 2021, for Women's Rights Day, at 9 am, on Sud Radio, with the following debate: is gender equality possible? 

And I am Host of a room that I host, March 8 at 6.30 p.m., at Club House, if you are a woman with an extraordinary background, artist, speaker, author, entrepreneur, journalist, researcher, politician, send me a message and come speak in the room " They are TOP OF THE POSTER and not only on March 8!". I am also alongside the Feed team, with Anthony Bourbon, as coach of the pitches of entrepreneurs and start-upers, meet me on Sunday at 8 p.m.!

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