Les femmes ont-elles la parole en 2020 ? Dessin Pek article de Sylvaine Messica
To be a woman in 2020?
"Woman of the 80s and woman to the tips of her breasts, having succeeded in amalgamating authority and charm", said Michel Sardou ... who has since made a very sexist clip of his own song ... Oh the beautiful image of the woman ...
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facilitation graphique de la conférence de Sylvaine Messica, par Philippe-Elie Kassabi
The power of Spontaneity, the book is acclaimed by Les Echos!
The writing of Les Echos, relayed a selection of paragraphs from the book in the "Trend" category! https://business.lesechos.fr/directions-marketing/marketing/branding/0601546296585-3-idees-fortes-pour-redecouvert-la-puissance-de-la-spontaneite-330682.php?fbclid=IwAR2XyOCa-gigFU1UvUPtrCYOCa-gigFU1UvUPtrCYOCa-gigFU1UvUPtrCK7ZcdqfJxt_MCxt_Mc7ZcfGikgxt CS1-34 Don't wait until the end of summer to get the book that will revitalize you during your vacation. Today it is read by ...
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